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Twitch Streamers:

If you stream on Twitch, please be aware of ACTIVE AND STRONG DMCA ENFORCEMENT

  • If you play any copyright protected music (especially popular/top 100 tracks) in background of your content, you are at high risk for a DMCA notification and/or copyright strike.

  • Even if you believe you can rely on "fair use" or otherwise defend your conduct, TAKE PROACTIVE ACTION NOW

    • This includes deleting all VODs and clips on your channel that may have copyright protected music

    • ONLY use confirmed copyright/DMCA safe music in the background of your content (see resource list below)


One of the more difficult hurdles in content creation can be navigating intellectual property laws.  The consequences can be extreme, and the rules are confusing and dense to navigate.  Below are some resources to help empower you with knowledge to better understand the landscape.

Youtube Claim Dispute Process:

  • This is a good general description of the DMCA take-down and response process

Clearing Samples and Music Licensing:

  • As a music producer, artist, or publisher, one of the most important legal steps before distributing your music is clearing samples (getting permission to play the underlying songs/clips/samples which may be included in your track)

  • The process of securing the proper permissions to use music can look confusing, but this breakdown explains the straightforward steps, and general process to clearing music.  Also discusses the top myths of sample clearance 

"Fair Use" Brief:


  • "Fair Use" is a greatly misunderstood, and overused, term.  In most cases when someone claims their use is protected under the doctrine of "Fair Use", it isn't.  For the cases it does apply however, it is a very powerful defense, and one you should be educated on.

@MusicForStreams DMCA/Copyright Safe Music List:

This is a running list of artists/labels/publishers who have given their permission* for their music to be used in connection with Twitch streams.

*Do your own research and confirm permission to use these songs before doing so.

Devin Nash DMCA Resources:

Devin Nash is a business consultant, former Esports team CEO/current Esports agency CMO (N3RDFUSION), and one of the most educated and vocal Twitch streamers on this topic

Reddit r/Twitch AMA on DMCA and Copyright Issues:

  • If you have questions regarding content creation and copyright/DMCA issues, read this

For Questions or Inquiries:

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